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Founder of Security360 "With the speed, technology is rapidly upgrading, catching up can be quite interesting for some and annoying for many. Closing this gap between the ‘interesting’ and ‘annoying’ caught my imagination and I set out on a mission to understand what was ‘missing’. I was shocked to see how  ‘old’ technology was being sold at astronomically high prices that too without addressing the complete  customer ‘requirements’. Also in some cases many fly-by-night ‘local operators’ without any proper understanding of the  subject were setting up a spaghetti of wires at the customer premises. Due to the use of spurious devices and wires, support quickly became an issue and these ‘local operators’ disappeared or blamed it on the manufacturer of the product."
This is when I came up with the idea of providing simple, reliable and affordable e-Security to every human and enable him/her to ‘Live safe, work safe and play safe’ (which is also our business tag line). Our marketing strategy has been to provide such a high standard of SLA based support so that our current customers can be our marketing agents. We want to create a long term relationship with our clients and hence providing the best solution with a SLA based support system is our mantra.
Peeking into the future I see that IP based solutions would be the main stream and hence the current solutions we provide are upgradable and future ready. I want e-Security to penetrate and touch the life of every human on earth.
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Founder of Security360
Having started last year (2013), the company is growing rapidly month over month with an average monthly growth of rate 16%. With lot of young blood , highly motivated and focused teams, the company is all geared up to spread e-security solutions to the world!
It all started when founder of the company who has a craving for electronics got up with an idea of making his dream team and a dream company. With his highly innovative ideas to make people’s wish a reality using electronics, things started turning up. Skilled self motivated individuals further joined and we started providing customized solutions to our customers.
Based on the current trends, the company can be defined as:
QUICR (a.k.a Quicker)
  • Quality
  • Unbeatable Pricing
  • Innovation
  • Customer first attitude
  • Reliability
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